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art no : FSMG1102G


Availability : in stock


1 X Mouth Guard 

1 X Plastic carry case


Available in Adult and Junior sizes

Adult- 10+

Junior- 6-10

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  • High quality multi-layer construction with an internal jaw shock absorbing frame for extra protection.
  • Dual density structure, softer than other teeth protectors.
  • Heating snap-in design, more fit users’ tooth form.
  • Shock absorbing jaw pads help protect teeth and tissue and create a channel for improved breathing.
  • Ideal for Boxing, Judo, Grapple, Combat, Rugby Football, Ice Hockey, BJJ, Baseball game and Muay Thai etc.



  • Put into a cup of warm water (70c to 80c) till soft for about 10 seconds.
  • If it is soft, insert it to your upper teeth in mouth.
  • To memorize your mold of teeth, bite it 10~15 seconds.
  • If it is fit to your teeth, clean it with water and use it.
  • If it is not fit to your mouth, you can fix it again from step 1.
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